Årets Byrå (Agency of the Year) is a trade study focusing on the evaluation of Client-Agency relations. The project has been run in Sweden since the year 2000, including approximately 160 agencies in different categories (Advertising, Branding/Design, Brand Experience, Content, Digital, Media, and PR). The project is run in Norway since 2015 and in Finland since 2016.

The trade study comprises appr. 45 questions. The core is a Client Satisfaction Index (CSI). The CSI-index is categorized and the agencies that have the best overall scores are nominated for the annual award, presented at a trade-event.

In addition to the above, discipline specific questions are included, along with questions on agency selection/retention, positioning, and more.



Evaluations are conducted by means of a web-survey and completed by means of telephone interviews. Great focus lies in collecting as much qualitative data and commentary as possible, as this is very valuable for the agencies that chose to purchase a report based on the results of the trade study. There are no mandatory obligations or costs for the agencies, we however strongly recommend the purchase of a report as the information included is of great value for the agencies in actively working with quality assurance and business development.


Additional research

Respondents partaking in the study are offered a summary of the trade study, highlighting the most important findings. A parallel study focusing on future issues and challenges for the communications industry is also conducted, along with a stand-alone Agency Manager survey focusing on sustainability in business and the ongoing shift in technology and what this may entail for the trade in general.



To participate the agency submits a list of the agency’s customers.  Participation is free of charge however, your agency must meet certain qualification requirements in order to participate.


Publication of results

The agencies with the highest scores are presented at the annual Agency of the Year event. We only publish the results for the top-ranked agencies.


Agency-specific customer reports

The majority of the agencies participating in Agency of the Year order their agency-specific customer report with the results from the study. The report gives a good insight into the customers’ experience of the collaboration, which helps the agencies in their continued improvement work.


More information?

Please contact our team if you have any questions regarding the project.